I Once Knew A Boy

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I Once Knew A Boy

I once knew a boy-
he was in his first year of baseball,
he was on the Cubs.
He stunk at baseball
he couldn't hit the ball once 
he didn’t pitch at all.
He lost the championship.
He walks up to the plate nervous and afraid
he looks at the pitcher with butterflies in his stomach
he slams the plate trying to look tough
he did not believe in himself. 
“Strike One” the ump calls
the ball is in the catchers mitt
he looks at first base wishing he could run there.
Two pitches later “strike three” the ump yells. He steps into the dugout sad and angry sits down. Mad is the only thing.

He was in his third year of baseball,
he was on the Orioles.
He was one of the best players on the team
he hit the ball a lot 
he was a good pitcher. 
He won the championship.
He walks up to the plate confident and balanced 
he stares down the pitcher
he taps the plate just enough
he was brave and bold.
CRACK! goes the bat 
the ball is in the air.
He is rounding first base heading for second base 
then digging for third
he is heading for home 
he steps onto home plate proud and happy-
that boy has grown.

- Will

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