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Look at yourself.
What do you see?
I used to see a nothing.
I used to see all my labels.
Everything anyone ever
said...it haunted me. I used to not 
figure out why people do that.
Feed on people's sadness, or anger,
or embarrassment. 

Now. Now I know why. 
People feel insecure
because they don't look in the mirror 
the right way.
They see what other people see.
They see what I used to see.
But I looked hard. 
And I saw what I was meant to see.

You can get your meant to see.
Just look above, read this again, and
think about what you see when
you look in a mirror or a picture.
Then pick up a picture. A mirror. 
Whatever you want.
Look at yourself, in a different
perspective, and you will see, 
that you are beautiful. 

- Evie

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The goal of York Middle School is to create a respectful and dynamic learning environment that responds to the unique needs of the early adolescent and maximizes each student's potential.