My Old Friend

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My Old Friend

I hear the sad news
and then I start to cry.
Your life was like a twinkle
in the sky.
And I know you don’t have
to much longer,
but I know on Wednesday
you’ll be in a better place.
I want you to know 
I love you and
I’ll always remember you.

I remember when I was five
we use to get in fights.
I’d grab your tale
but I know you
didn’t mind 
because you love me.

In my new cats eyes all
I can see is your beautiful face.
That’s all I
ever see.

Then I think
back to the day
you were infected
with a tumor and
then I think there’s
something I could’ve done
and then i cry.

There is just a couple days left
of your long life.
It seems as when
I hope time goes slow
it goes faster than the speed of light,
but even in heaven
your life will shine on forever.

On Wednesday afternoon you’ll
be in heaven
and a better place.
I want you to know I love you
and I’ll always miss you.

- Ben

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The goal of York Middle School is to create a respectful and dynamic learning environment that responds to the unique needs of the early adolescent and maximizes each student's potential.