About Us

York Middle School provides a high quality educational experience for the approximately 500 students in attendance, from grades 5th - 8th. We have a true middle school model, centered around learning teams at every grade level, including teacher teams of three in all grades, with each team consisting of a Math, English Language Arts and Science teacher. Social Studies teachers are shared in each grade. With our team sizes within the range of 60-70 students that is considered ideal in a middle school setting, York Middle School is able to offer a student-centered, flexible learning environment that is sensitive to the needs of individual students and developmentally appropriate for young adolescents.

In addition to a strong core academic program, York Middle School offers opportunities for students to engage in music (chorus and/or band), art (including advanced art), engineering, computer science, physical education and wellness, and enrichment opportunities for gifted students. Students have a range of middle school and intramural sports in which to participate, as well as after-school support provided by teachers . Our students participate in music honors festivals, robotics and engineering competitions, National History Day, local history experiences, and range of other activities sponsored by our teachers. We welcome your interest in our school!

Barbara Maling, PhD, Principal

Jay Delehanty, Assistant Principal