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THERE WILL BE NO FALL ATHLETICS, per the state designation of York County as "yellow". More info will be forthcoming about activities we may be able to offer this fall.


There are two ways to do anything in life ~ with class, or without class. Class doesn't make you any less a competitor, nor any less aggressive. You don't lose your edge by having class.

Class actually gives you an edge on your opponent. You have poise that will allow you to concentrate more. And by concentrating more, you'll win more.

What is Class?

It's something that's hard to define but easy to recognize. It's being a good person, always taking responsibility and

showing consideration for the consequences your actions have for others. It's having humility, poise, confidence and above all, tremendous pride.

Class people handle victory and defeat the same way ~ graciously, with their heads held high. They don't brag in victory, or make excuses in defeat.

"If you have class, you don't need much of anything else. If you don't have it , whatever else you have won't make up the difference."

Fame fortune, trophies, etc. are all fine, but they alone can't give you class. Only you can give yourself that ~ only you can give yourself class.