Look at yourself.

What do you see?

I used to see a nothing.

I used to see all my labels.

Everything anyone ever

said...it haunted me. I used to not

figure out why people do that.

Feed on people's sadness, or anger,

or embarrassment.

Now. Now I know why.

People feel insecure

because they don't look in the mirror

the right way.

They see what other people see.

They see what I used to see.

But I looked hard.

And I saw what I was meant to see.

You can get your meant to see.

Just look above, read this again, and

think about what you see when

you look in a mirror or a picture.

Then pick up a picture. A mirror.

Whatever you want.

Look at yourself, in a different

perspective, and you will see,

that you are beautiful.

- Evie