YEF, Supporting Curriculum Enrichment in York Schools

Did you know that smart boards for Coastal Ridge Elementary classrooms began with an idea proposed by a CRES educator? That an educator proposed the greenhouse at York Middle School? A YHS teacher submitted the grant that funded Portable Displays for the York Community Auditorium, and the Yoga 4 Classrooms at Village Elementary School came to life following a grant proposal. Likewise, robotics teams at both York Middle and High Schools were proposed by staff. In fact, all of these projects and programs were initially funded by York Education Foundation. 

Established in 2004, the York Education Foundation is a non-profit organization that funds many worthwhile programs and projects through the grant process. The more creative the project, the more innovative the idea, and the more students and staff impacted by the proposed work, the better the chance that the initiative will be funded by the York Education Foundation (YEF). This year’s grant proposals are due at the end of March.

To see exceptional projects come to fruition, many YEF volunteers donate their time, energy, and brainpower to put on events that raise community awareness, excitement, and financial support. According to YEF board member Brenda Gamache, “We would love to see more people get involved, whether that means attending monthly meetings or donating an hour here and there.” Friends of YEF can be parents, community members, and even grandparents. To find out how you can get involved, go to www.yorkeducationfoundation.or... and hit the volunteer button. You may also follow YEF  on Facebook.